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Móakot opskrifter

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I want to tell you the story behind my logo and design. Móakot is a name of a small farm on Vatnsleysusströnd. The farm has now been abandoned for many years but in 1879 my great grandmother Kristín Jónsdóttir bought the place only 20 years old at the time. She was a farmer. In 1891 she married my great grandfather Bjarni Sigurðsson and they lived at Móakot to 1923.
My cardigans are old fashioned as I stick to traditional patterns and do not use many colors. I have chosen to call them Settlement Daughters and have given each one of them an Icelandic female name. I use Einband in my cardigans which is an Icelandic yarn. Einband has unfortunately never been as popular as the Icelandic Lopi. I think the main reason for that is that it takes much longer time to knit a garment with Einband because you use smaller needles than when you knit with. Garments made out of Einband are also thinner and are therefore not as suitable to wear outdoors. Einband has however many great qualities, the garments made out of it are lightweigh, warm and durable. You will love to wear it on all occasions and as it gets older you will love it even more.
Margrét Halldórsdóttir

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